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    Free stuff in World of Tanks

    I've no idea if anyone else even plays the game anymore but it might be the sort of thing where you want to login briefly between the 28th of November and December 2019. If you made an account on the 31st of December 2017 or prior to it then War Gaming is giving you a reward, with the quality of reward increasing with the account's age.

    All of the bundles are nice to receive but there is one item included for people who made their accounts at least 4 years ago that is particularly desirable, the fabled T-50-2.
    Years ago, prior to the introduction of physics along with about half the current tech trees there was a mythical light tank known as the T-50-2. It was and by many still is considered to be the best scout/light tank in the history of World of Tanks.
    If your account was created in 2014 or earlier you are able to pick up an adjusted version of it for free (along with the rest of your bundle).

    Basically if you have any interest in playing World of Tanks now or in the future and you're able to claim the reward you might as well.

    - Dex

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    Sweet, I'll log in tomorrow morning to find out
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    My nephws still play this from time to time, I'll give them a hint also, ty!
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    dammit, looks like I've gotta d'l the game again then.

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