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Thread: happy New year

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    We'll all these good wishes weren't worth a light. First twenty four hours of the new year and hello gastroenteritis.

    Seriously though Happy New Year, best wishes for 2019 and stay away from the dodgy looking 'pigs in blankets'
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    Well it sound like the **** has already hit the fan.

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    Looking forward to new year and having a new PC so I can actually try and join in and play some games rather than watching stop-motion action.
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    A little late (as per usual), but I've only just got home from visit London, so I wish everyone a very happy new year.

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    Hope you all have a great new year...Mrs & me want a quiet one - I've had sciatica since 22/12, and she broke her toe on boxing Day, lol...

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    Best of wishes to all for 2019! Greetings from the NL!
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    I wish the best of health for all of you and your families.
    This year will be amazing for me as I have twin grandchildren arriving in March (cheers Tox!).

    I hope to be back gaming in the near future, so watch your backs.

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    Wonderful news Blunt and please pass on our collective congratulations to Tox and family!

    Happy 2019 all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blunt View Post
    I wish the best of health for all of you and your families.
    This year will be amazing for me as I have twin grandchildren arriving in March (cheers Tox!).

    I hope to be back gaming in the near future, so watch your backs.
    That sounds absolutely brilliant. I have one grandson and he brings us all so much joy.

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    omg how did i miss this post, grats Grandpa Blunt, pass on my big grats to Tox

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