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    PUBG in dMw

    Hi all,

    PUBG has remained an active supported game within dMw for some time now, and continues to have a small but dedicated player base. Throughout this time, Sparko has supported the game and community by taking on the Game Leader role. Over the last few months as the game's regular activity has waned, so too has the need for active management.

    As such, Sparko feels now is the right time for him to step aside as the Game Leader, and I would like to extend my thanks both personally and on behalf of Council and the wider community for his hard work and support throughout. I've no doubt we will see him helping dMw out again down the road when the right opportunity arises. Thanks, Sparko!

    Of course, Sparko did not go at it alone, so I'd also like to extend thanks to the PUBG admins who completed the team - A_Cheese_Puff, Gorliath, and SithAfrikaan. Thanks guys for your support!

    Following on from this, PUBG's ongoing place in dMw was discussed and the decision made to retire the Game Leader and Admin roles entirely. It was felt that due to the game's current small and seasoned player base there was little need or indeed benefit to appointing a new Game Leader, on continuing to actively admin the game. However! As the game does remain active both online and at the LANs, the forum area and Discord channels will remain in place.

    If any member has any PUBG related questions or needs any other sort of support, please don't hesitate to either bring it to these forums or to contact a member of Council privately via PM if desired, we are always here to help out if needed!

    Thanks again to the PUBG team, see you all at the May LAN (I hope)
    Cheers all!
    Chaos, on behalf of Council.
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