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    Is there a catch-up service for this? (I was being forced to drink dirty dirty beer last night, so missed it)

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    The whole thing was recorded for a highlight real to be made but I beilieve that twitch still has the full this online for another couple of hours at least.

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    This is the VOD of the comp
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    Nice one Mike.
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    Missed this, nice comments guys!
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    Evening all,

    eSports Championships are hosting another Rocket League 3v3 tournament tomorrow at 7pm (GMT) with @addx9 as our co-host again.

    We're looking for 1 more player to jump in on a M4$HED (dMw) team for tomorrow. Prize pool is $50/£40 and it's free entry!

    Please message either myself (iQBenQi), Penguin or Turd in the Discord channel if you're up for it.

    Thank you!

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    Watched the vod as I've only just seen this my bad, I enjoyed watching this Toby well done to you and the guys you did this with. I didn't like playing rocket league when I had it on PC but it is enjoyable watching others play it. Commentary only adds to it too

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    Thanks @TheDvEight, appreciate it dude. Toby's got a bright future in front of the mic that's for sure!

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    Evening all, thanks for your continued support

    I've recently been in touch with a game dev, and they've sent me a bunch of codes for their upcoming releae, Steel Circus.

    There's 400 codes to use, and they sent this message with them:

    "Beginning and end dates
    Servers will be open for a total of 48 hours.
    Start: Saturday, 9th March - 3 pm CET (Vienna) / 9 am EST (NY) / 6 am PT (LA)
    End: Monday, 11th March - 3 pm CET (Vienna) / 9 am EST (NY) / 6 am PT (LA)

    Regional Test
    We are only opening servers in North America and Europe this time, so it will be a regional test. This means that if players are not in these regions, they will have a very high ping and probably a negative gameplaying experience. "

    Click the link below to access the spreadsheet to select a code

    Here's their website:

    It may not be for everyone, but it's worth a go for free!


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    Wow that's very kind of you, I know our memeberd have really enjoy this. And I am sure some of us will give this a shot.

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