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    Project Winter

    Not sure if anyone has come across this but I played a closed beta last weekend and found it quite fun.

    Basically 8 people spawn as survivors in a winter world where you have to work together to complete objectives and eventually escape the area and survive.

    The twist is 2 of the 8 people in your party are ‘traitors’ and only those 2 know who the traitors are. It is their objective to stop the other survivors from completing the tasks along with trying to not to be called out as traitors and be killed.

    Communication is key and it can lead to some hilarious debates in game.

    It’s available on steam but the website has the info you need

    I’d love to play this with some dmw members and probably would be a right laugh at a Lan

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    My interest is officially piqued
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    Quote Originally Posted by smilodon View Post
    My interest is officially piqued
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    I plan on streaming some of this tomorrow night if you wanted to see what it’s like, most likely from about 7:30pm ish

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