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    Operation: Burnt Horizion

    Well hot diggity damn you dingos! It's that time again!

    Operation Burnt Horizion

    This time around we will be finding ourselves upside down as we battle 'Down undaaaa'.

    We're in Oz!

    Meet the newbies, Gridlock and Mozzie!

    Am I going to be using a terrible Australian Accent for the next three months? Absolutely
    Am I sorry? Absolutley, for your sake...
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    Oh boy! The R6 invitationals are over and my oh my do we have a lot of intel about year 4!

    There's so much intel in fact, that I would have no idea where to start, so I will be using a rather handy Reddit post from u/LordKeren...

    Season 1 - Burnt Horizon

    Australian operators

    Named Burnt Horizon

    Launching on Test Servers tomorrow, Feb 18th

    Operator gameplay trailer:

    Check out our Operation Burnt Horizon megathread here

    Season 2

    Denmark & US (Secret Service) operators

    Kafe rework

    Season 3

    Peru & Mexico operators

    Kanal rework

    Season 4

    Kenya & India operators

    Theme Park rework

    In-Game Events

    One event per season

    Similar to Halloween Mad House event or Road to S.I. playlist

    Map Reworks

    Kafe (Season 2)

    Bigger top floor

    Skylight partly blocked

    Changed staircase in 1st floor Restaurant

    Bakery/Kitchen bombsite moved completely into Kitchen

    New objective,,

    Kanal (Season 3)

    Two new connectors (including tunnel)

    Improved layout,,,

    Theme Park (Season 4)

    Streamlined layout

    Simplified bottom floor

    Changes to Train Room

    Changes to double staircase

    Operator Balancing & More

    Lion (first half of Year 4)

    Defenders are not revealed by a full outline anymore

    Duration decreased by 50%

    Concept: making him an intel-based operator

    Glaz (first half of Year 4)

    Heat vision only available when standing still

    Moving him away from the entry-fragging role

    Deployable Shield (first half of Year 4)

    Easier placement

    See-through slits from the backside

    Similar to Mira's Black Mirrors (one-sided visibility, blocking Glaz's heatvision)

    Blocking doorways completely

    Still destroyed by explosives

    Mute (Y4S1)

    Buff icon when in range of jammer

    Jammers will hang up Dokkaebi calls

    Dokkaebi (Y4S1)

    Calls hang up automatically after 18 seconds

    Capitão (Y4S1)

    Moved to area-denial role

    Bigger radius, decreased damage

    Breach Charge (Y4S1)

    Quicker deploy

    Damage changes

    Reduced damage on the attacking side

    Damage radius increased on defending side, damage decreased

    Lean Spam Changes (Y4S1)

    First iteration fix


    Slowed down animation

    Crouch spam changes announced

    Ash (Y4S1)

    Removed ACOG from R-4C

    See I told you there was alot!

    TLDR; Some interesting nationalities coming in for operators, Plenty of map re-works this year, Glaz is being significantly re-worked, no more ACOG for Ash and, most importantly, BLACK HOLOGRAPHICS!!


    Nuka xx
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    I only know my own ideas of other peoples ideas.

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