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    What's missing from F1 these days?

    Well, 365kph for a start. Check.

    Montoya. Fisichella. Check. Check.

    Then there's V10 engines at 21,000rpm. Check.

    But what I miss most is the sound...... oooooh yeah

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    That and "Ayrton Senna"

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    Grid Girls?

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    Mechanical grip.
    Manual gear boxes.

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    Bernie Ecclestone

    Has anyone been on the Youtube official F1 channel since Liberty Media took over? It's pretty damn good. Nice highlights from all sessions from each event and great tech videos, interviews, old race clips in HD etc.

    I was not much into modern era of F1, but in the past year that channel has suckered me in more and more, very clever marketing. An idea that caused ol' Bernies eyes to pop out of his head; the thought of giving away "free" F1 content .

    I'll be following this years season more closely for sure.

    But to the op..yes; Grid girls, Senna, howling engines.....and the bus stop layout from '90s Spa

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    "What's missing from F1 these days?"

    Charlie Whiting!

    RIP, a massive loss to the sport. Sad times.
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