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    Yes, CIG have been working on R&D for a procedurally generated cave system, and the following video from Bored Gamer summarises the latest ATV which gave a sneak peek at it:

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    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill me. Err, hang on.........
    Would like to think they could spend a little time getting the missions to work as well.

    Travel 30,000,000 to deliver a package and the NPC at the other end just stares through you blankly.

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    ....and points you towards the cave!

    Seriously, the caves look superb, Thanks Obsydian for sharing. The Anvil Carrack at the end of the video is also rather nice
    Cheers, Bert

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    .... this is no cave!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamoe View Post
    .... this is no cave!
    Lol - I see what you did there!

    Actually, I think that has been the intention all along - CR is a massive Star Wars fan...

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