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    Cool What?!?! Addx and paddy finished station??!?

    Hey all!

    So it has been a while since we all played on the server. However very recently I got the builders bug again and decided i should finish the train station I promised, what seems years ago!

    I roped in paddy to help me out and we have finished the new staircase and lobby area that i had been planning for months!

    I've taken some screenshots of the new area!.

    Now after speaking to Paddy, Sulky and Whitey. I believe it is time for Dmw to once again advertise our minecraft servers on a couple of public sites. We will be keeping the server a whitelist server and the only way public members would be able to play would be to join Dmw before getting whitelisted! However of course opening the server to a public entrance does bring with it some risks so if any of you out there want to sure up some of your bases now would be the time to do it as i'll be starting to advertise the server from next week!

    Cheers all and I hope you like the build me and paddy have done!

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    very nice, I have been on MC a few times in the last few weeks, you should have nudged me to help with the build.

    Agree with what the team have proposed, we do need a little bit of new blood in the team and looking at the stats MC could be a very useful recruiting tool. One thing we would need to reiterate is that 16 would be the lowest age limit, unless a parent is a member of DMW, as per pen and myself when our kids played MC. Also we need to look at resource box locking and damage to other player assets, ie buildings

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    Nice. All looks very Karim Rashid but each to their own taste

    One thing about the age is that we do accept members younger than 16 regardless of parental members. We don't post a minimum but 13 is really the youngest we allow and that is primarily due to the fact that you need to be 13 to have a steam account. Members under 16 are not generally allowed to join Discord and there is a hard age limit of being 18 to attend a LAN.

    Regardless of anything and age - any member joining us must be mature enough to undersand our gaming ethos and comply with our member standards.
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    Either I can get a great curry in there or perhaps an hallucinogenic experience, nice dedication chaps, lovely.
    Cheers, Bert

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