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    That ebook you thought you bought ...

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    I have to say that is why 99.99% of all ebooks I own I have in open format, which is why I never ended up with an Amazon ebook. Staying open format (via a Kobo in my case) has to date only bitten me in the rear once, where a series I was reading was open format for books 1-4, then Amazon (new non-convertible format) only for books 5 & 6, then open format again for books 7-9. The author was most apologetic on his website, but contracts are contracts and he screwed up.

    You would have thought after all the well-publicised and early Apple music cases that people would have learnt about this.
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    Yep I'm very wary of closed source ebooks. I do get that authors would probably not want to release their work onto a platform that had no DRM at all but when I bought a proper book at least I owned the paper it was printed on.

    I'm sure Microsoft Ebooks Stores four customers won't be at all happy.
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