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    Nothing will appear under subscriptions but now you have the £ icon, if you go to the top right of the screen next to your name and press settings you can then add an avatar.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    To be able to post images, upload avatars etc. you need to be a forum member. You get forum member status when you have made ten posts. This lets us catch bots and spammers before they wreak havoc all over the message board.


    After very careful consideration and extensive research I've decided there's a 51% chance you are not a bot. So I've added you to the forum member group.

    I've also added an avatar for you to make sure the feature works for you. You are of course able to now change the image to anything you like, although I will be mortally offended if you shun my amazing choice of avatar.

    Seriously though, sorry for the confusion about avatars and thanks for your very generous subscription.

    Sent from my Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

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    Huzzah ty @Penfold & @smilodon my life is complete

    (if the steam gods could approve my join group request, all will truly be well in the world)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiny View Post
    Huzzah ty @Penfold & @smilodon my life is complete

    (if the steam gods could approve my join group request, all will truly be well in the world)
    Approved and thank you for subscribing!

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    Thanx @Whitey
    WARNING - I know karate, kung-fu, jiu-jitsu and 47 other dangerous words!

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    Well and truly welcome to dMw then bro!
    Thanks to everyone that donated to our recent effort boxing! It was an awesome experience!

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