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    Apparently leaving a post-it note

    Today I learned that writing a post-it note to the kids saying

    "Mum's out today. Don't make a mess or I'll cut you"

    is (apparently) an inappropriate message to leave one's children as you head off to work.

    Kids today eh.
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    Lmfao +10 peareting points mate.

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    lmao Pen, Who approached you about this insubordination? The kids directly or did they ask the higher ups to raise concerns?
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    Just produce the other note that "fell down" that said "out of the will"

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    Oh that's one's already been covered off with the 'getting a tattoo or an inapprioriate piercing' covenant.
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    I for one think this is perfectly reasonable.
    "Forewarned is forearmed"

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    You know you need help when you're taking parenting lessons off Jewelzy
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