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    Quote Originally Posted by Penfold View Post
    Used to play a lot of RuneQuest (similar to D&D) in my late teens when there were no mobiles, internet or indeed computers
    Or indeed, any technology of any kind...
    Thanks to everyone that donated to our recent effort boxing! It was an awesome experience!

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    I'll have you know that we had a TV and a flash VHS player with a remote. Well, when I say remote it was a remote control attached by a long lead to the VHS player.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    You looking to be a guest pen or a full player ? If you are looking to be a full player then can I please ask you to fill out the forum in one of my previous posts. If you just want to be a guess then don’t worry, I will he sorting out guests once it’s all started.

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    Sounds fun, might join as a guest when you get going.

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    As a guest I think. We're away for most of the Summer so on an ad hoc basis would be grand.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    I would love to get involved but my new job has me all over the place so wouldn't be able to commit every week also I never get back before 730 but often later. If there is a guest list please add me. :-)

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    Hail my fair gentlemen and fair ladies.

    I want to thank all for reading these messages and thanks those who have done the survey and showed there interest in playing D&D with me. I have had 12 people complete the survey and one of them was a guest so this leaves me with 11 people. Now for one game this is simply way to many But I feel the best thing I can do is run the modules for two different groups of 5/6 players. This way people at least get a chance to play the module and learn the basics of the game.

    Once these games are over I will then be looking at who is willing to play a longer campaign of my own design with there own made characters. If I still have the same amount of people wanting to play then I am going to have to look at cutting down people due to there availability of when they can play. I will feel bad doing this but I just can’t do a game with such big numbers.

    I have already made the groups that will be playing. The only questions I really have left is would people like to make the characters that they are going to play in this module or use the ones that were made for it ? I think for a quicker experience then the premade is the way to go, for the new people this will be easier. If we do go with the premade would people like to pick who they are playing or are you happy with any of them ? When we do the main campaign you will be able to make one from the ground up with a background and all that good stuff.

    Now I have been given permission from the council that I am aloud to record these games. I will only be done this if each person in a group is more then happy to be recorded while playing this game. The recording will only be for members of dmw and won’t ever be public. It’s simply for us to enjoy if you aren’t able to join us in game. It’s also nice for me to have in case I want to go back to check anything about the story but hopefully I won’t need to do that, also accents if I use them I might need to go back and see what accent I have that elf blacksmith. So please say if you are okay with being recorded or if you are not happy with it ? ( if you ain’t please say it’s more then fine ) I still need to look at how I would record these games in a way that it doesn’t show what I see and what only the Players see.

    Guests I will hopefully be making a list of you lot and then going around you all in a few weeks when I feel a guest would be nice to join the adventure for a session or two. I want to get a few eps in before getting a guest in so that players can find there characters and how they want to play them, if we go to the big campaign that is.

    Thanks for reading, really looking forward to playing this with you lot.


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