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    I promise I am not the werewolf!!!

    Just got home and all unpacked and set up again.

    Thanks for another exceptionally brilliant LAN! Thank you to everyone involved in making the weekend so enjoyable, your preparation and hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Was great to see you all again!

    Here’s to the next one

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    Here here, thanks Gents for all the hard work. Lovely to see you all again.

    Take it easy

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    Arrived home safe and sound.

    Well done to the Three Amigos and all who helped make this LAN a real special one.

    Chaos, Ghosty and Gortex have almost got the hang of it now

    The inclusion of the board games was inspired and I think we got the mix of PC games and Cardboard games just right. Always something to do, Always something to join in with.

    See you in October
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    Thanks all for the bullets, beer, arrows, villagers ...and great big spiky war-hammers!

    Back home, along with 180 litres of compost and a small forest of plants that I "could just pick up on my way back since I have a car"...

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    Thanks ever so much for a great lan guys and gals. Thanks admins and everyone else that made this LAN a truly great one.

    Loved the board games and card games that was played and I for one and rest down to see more of these being played. Next time I think I will put up a post to see what board games people would be interested in playing, I know a few liked the idea of fallout board game so will be more then happy to run a game of that next lan. Thanks Jewelz and Gortex for the games we did play of yours, bang went down really well and so did the werewolves game ( Ben is for sure the wolf if he talks for the whole 5 minutes )

    Can’t wait to see you all in October ! Thanks again
    Rooouge ( The black knight )

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    Thanks for a lovely LAN guys! My favourite one yet

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    Massive thanks to the LAN admins and everyone who attended. This LAN was special.
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    Especially thanks for making it great fun for us Socials! Well done, and it was awesome seeing you all at the busiest MAY lan I've ever been to!
    Thanks to everyone that donated to our recent effort boxing! It was an awesome experience!

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    I'm a Villager, a Maison, a Wearwolf, a Deputy, and definitely not the tanner. Oh, and Simagule is the Drunk.

    I had a brilliant time, cheers to all who attended for making it a fantastic LAN. Big thanks to all who helped out throughout. Now I can't wait til October!
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