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    CS:GO buy scripts

    Hi, I haven't played in a while (10 years cough cough), and i was wondering if you still needed buy scripts, and if so where to get them?

    Been a while since i've had a pc and keen not to download anything without a recomendation behind it.


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    Buy binds are always fairly useful to have though you won't need to download anything.
    This site: will generate buy binds for you according to what it is you want.

    Having made those binds you can then enter them into your console or config, unsure if this is still the case but it used to be that entering into the console was only for 1 game session whereas the config would be for all game sessions. Personally I'd recommend copying them straight into an autoexec file.

    This youtube video should still be relevant so I recommend you watch it:

    Hopefully that helped.

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    Cool thanks. I'll try that out.

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