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    Own your home or a buy-to-let?

    There's been a massive increase in property fraud with people registering property they don't own and selling it from under the homeowner. Bizarre but true.

    You can register for the FREE Proprerty Alert Service from the Land Registry which will alert you to any activity about a property you're monitoring.

    Perhaps worth considering for you to monitor your property, your rentals or for your ageing parents etc.

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    Why not. Registered 3 properties in the family. Took 5 minutes.

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    Yep, can happen to practically anybody:

    What's worrying about this case though is the sheer lack of interest shown by the Land Registry to investigate. Their claims of having stopped over £133m of property fraud is irrelevant to those affected by this and are effectively shrugged off by the Land Registry.

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    I'd also suggest adding the RQ form to any rental property you own where you don't live.
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