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    after a rough start im really enjoying this game and would throw my hat in the ring for endorsing a dmw server!

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    And.... the server were on has disappeared. The new one is the Official EU server but then again, so was the last one, so waht do I know lol.

    What's clear is each player should pick a trade and stick to is so we can open up more stuff faster. It's nigh on impossible to progress if we all do the same thing.

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    This is the original of the spellcraft spreadsheet.
    Cheers, Bert

  4. #14 - Citadel Forged with fire has it's last discount sale before 1.0 launch on 1st Nov. It gets put up to a ridiculous price at that time. Like $39.99.

    Latest update did a load of things:
    Cheers, Bert

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