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    DCS World

    Digital Combat Simulator -

    Not sure if this has been posted before (I may have done some years ago), but has anyone dabbled in this?

    A_Cheese_Puff and myself have played about with it for quite a while. It’s a massive learning curve but if you’re interested in this kind of simulation/combat and are willing to put a bit of time into it, it’s incredibly fun.

    The base game is free and you have a few free planes etc to start with and there are in depth tutorials to get you started. Where they grab your money is in the modules you can buy. Modules can be aircraft, maps, or other units within the dcs world.

    The great thing is you can still play along with friends in custom missions even if you haven’t purchased any of the modules, you can just use the free ones available.

    A great resource to see what the game can offer is the Grim Reapers dcs on YouTube, they post stuff so regularly and update you on the development of where this is going.

    I have gained a bit of knowledge on the mission editor, enough to generate a mission we could all try, I just wondered if anyone would be interested in trying it out?

    Oh, I’d recommend TrackIR and also a joystick and throttle, but not essential.

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    How does it compare to arma?

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    it is ace, its more study sim than arma

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