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    Hello World nr 3

    So my son decided to spring into this world a bit to early, but hes here now.


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    Congrats on the newborn! it's always nice to have a player 2 when he is older He was just eager to meet his new mum and dad!

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    Gratz to you all. Hope all's well with mum and nr 3 - strange name but each to their own ;-)

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    Congrats to all involved in the creation of nr 3 and nr 3 himself!
    Cheers, Bert

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    Congrats guys

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    Congrats Ducky and welcome to planet chief

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    Thanks all, his 2 sisters adore him atm and a really looking for till he can go outside for a walk.

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    Many grats Kreg, but you better stop now. Any more and you'll need an MPV.......!
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