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    Valtorra: The Sign Up

    Hello, Adventurers far and wide. Today is the day I am coming to you lot to see who has what it takes to take up the mantle and see more of this world. This world is in need of adventures and I am hoping today will be the day we find them. It is unknown how much you will discover or how long you will survive out there in the wilds of these lands but, the rewards should be worth it for those who want to risk it. So do you think you have what it takes?

    So, my lovely people, this is a survey based on the next D&D game I will be running once we are done with this module in a few weeks. Valtorra is the name of the world, which you might have heard of a few times now. In the survey, I want those people who want to be in the campaign to let me know of when they are able to play, how long for and then more information about the world and what they would like. This is not for those who want to be guests in the campaign, only for those who want to look at playing each week and throughout the whole campaign. I will be looking for about 5-7 players say at max so, not everyone will get a chance to play this but any more than 6 or 7 and it just gets a bit too long-winded and crazy. Thanks to all that do it and any questions you want to ask there is space on the survey or you can always message me on here or discord.

    p.s Nearly all the answers are multiple choice so please pick as many as you want
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    Survey completed.
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    Survey completed! Can't wait for it Rogue
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    survey c/o

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    Just giving this a little bump incase anyone else wants to look at playing

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    Survey completed

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    Should say. I've completed the survey a few days ago.
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    Thank you to the 12 people that have completed my survey, I have pretty much done comparing them and seeing what is the best group I can make out of them. The main thing for me is time people have free, due to seeing how many sessions have been lost doing these modules I would prefer to have a regular group who can try to get 4-3 sessions each month. I will be messaging those who have been selected to play to confirm they are happy to play and are okay with the group. Then I will announce who is playing. Thanks again all

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    Uni term starts for me soon so apologies for not being able to join you on this one. Use my spell caster well!

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