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    Microsoft Store Download Issue

    Bit of a cry for help here.

    I decided to try Xbox Gamepass and thought it was a simple case of choose the game, select a file install location and away it goes, like any other game service.

    That uncoverd a problem. All the Apps in Microsoft Store, which delivers the games for Gamepass were in Pending, Acquiring license or downloading at very slow speed, e.g. 24Kbps.

    So I booted up my laptop and tried the store there, everything worked instantly, all the downloads of the updates to the rubbish MS push out uopdated in under a minute.

    So it isn't my account, it's my desktop doing something wrong or having a corrupt cache or sync issue.

    I intially thought it was a directoy permissions issue but then when I realised normal apps which default into the C drive were also not even updating, I decided the game specific issue was a wider problem.

    I've literally tried:

    - Reset the Store, wipe the cache and login info.
    - Powershell script to force reinstall the store
    - Remove all Software folders and let the store recreate new ones
    - Login local not via the MS account - which actually made the download speed increase but only to 100-200Kbps but at least it was better
    - I ran the Account troubleshooter and it reported a) my PC was not detected as trusted by my account, which is is clearly on their website b) Sync communication failed and the troubleshooter gave a long list of sync issues which it could not resolve automatically. The sync problem can be soved by changing to local account then back again, but it never worked for me.

    I'm going mad here and my question to the forum is "Has anyone had this problem and id you get it fixed... how?"

    I don't want people to waste their time googling, I've done hours of that, just any hints from others who may have experienced the same issue.



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    Sorry mate, not something I've ever come across. I'd just be googling same as you have. Really bizarre.
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    Just a quick one, because I know loony had this trouble. There is two apps, for pc now you want the Xbox beta pc app. If you already have that then I do apologise just a quick fix that I know is annoying a few gamers

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    Thanks Rogue, not tried that yet.

    Also, since they are giving away the game pass for next to nothing, it might just be overwhelming their capacity, I hope it isn't but of course they want to only just have enough to make "an experience" which might just be a bad experience for some.
    Cheers, Bert

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    I solved this problem finally. I created a Windows 10 USB Media stick andran a repair upgrade. So upgrade over the top of the version running but leave user files and apps all in tact.

    It seemed to refresh/ reset files and permissions and the store now works.
    Cheers, Bert

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    Nice work mate

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