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    LAN XXXVI - Food - American Diner & Steak Night

    First, an update on Steak Night - prices have dropped slightly due to the Hotel passing on better pricing from the butchers to us. Cheers to them! Please see the updated prices below -


    You can of course still order from the regular menu should you not fancy any of the above.

    Second, there are still plenty who have yet to decide on options for Thursday / Friday night. Although not essential, the more we know in advance the easier it is to make sure everything runs like clockwork... and I like clockwork, so chop chop . I'll start chasing you down soon. Manhunt style.

    If you click the link below, you will be able to see your current choices for the food options. Post up here with any changes, or to give us your options for Thursday (including specific food orders for the American Diner - menu found HERE) or Steak Night.


    We are working on a form that will let you edit your food orders for the next LAN - a few of you suggested this in the comments, hopefully it'll simplify things a tad going forwards.

    Any questions, drop me a line. See you soon!
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    aceymetrix-thursday curry/ friday 16oz ribeye(medium)(blue cheese sauce)
    sneakytiger-thursday curry/friday 16oz sirlion(medium)(mushroom sauce)

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    Nice one, thanks mate.
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    Ultimate Garlic Bread & Kansas City Chief Burger for the Thursday Nights Diner trip, thank you very much indeed.
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    For those still undecided as to whether they would enjoy a trip to the American Diner this LAN, here is a promotional video courtesy of myself and Rogue.


    This is a private Youtube video, please don't share.... although why on earth you would?
    Sent from the darkest recesses of a fractured mind, using the power of blood magic.

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    If you can find someone who looks like that at you. You are a lucky person

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    Thanks all. I need any last orders for the American Diner so if you're coming, please get it to us asap!

    Btw all don't worry that the list posted above isn't updated, I've got your orders in my behind the scenes list.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    I'm going to have fish and chips on Thursday I think. Just for a change.

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    As an American that lives in March, I can attest to the tastiness of the meals/menu at 'Shooters'. It's super nom-worthy. XD

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    Thursday evening Diner, Shooters Skins and LA Galaxy Burger please
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