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    Lan XXXVI - Real Cider #2

    It is that wonderful time of the year again when we have some very kind people and businesses willing to sponsor some real ales or real ciders that will appear at the LAN for your enjoyment at a bargain £1.50 per pint. All of the brews have been sampled by the now legendary beer festival team or pacifically asked for by the sponsor and we are fortunate enough for the hotel being able to supply it to us.

    REAL Cider #2

    Blackberry and Elderflower by Sheppy’s

    Sponsored by: Myopic Sniper, Turd, Simagule and Mr Laister

    The only beverage to make a return appearance this year and a winner winner cider dinner for all you fruity cider lovers. I think TL comment on it sums it up best “Awesomely lethal. Just like a Ribena drink masquerading as a mule that is about to kick you in the head”

    Sheppy’s cider with blackberry has that added twist with the addition of elderflower, to create a fruity taste with a floral aroma. At 4% abv this drink is super sweet, super tasty and super addictive.

    -=[dMw]=- Gortex

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    Blackberry and elderflower sounds great, even to someone who doesn't like cider. Nice one.
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    Nom! So glad we get to see this one again. This will go very fast. Thanks for the sponsor lads

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    lovely drink and yes it will go fast. Sneakytiger#2501
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    Just out of interest, Sheppy's website has just been upgraded and you can now buy the 5 or 20 litre bag in a box of this and get it delivered to your door.

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    Interesting that it used to be possible to deliver Sheppy's products to the Netherlands over a certain order value. Now, whether COVID or Brexit, it's not an option.
    My usual booze site has two French Cidre's: and which do look rather appealing I must say!
    and.. Cider cask Whiskey which must taste crap at under €20 but is sold out at that price
    Cheers, Bert

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