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    Exclamation 2020 LAN Dates

    Hi all,

    Thanks again to all who attended LAN XXXVI and made it a cracking weekend. We have already started to think up some things to change for LAN XXXVII. In particular we want to focus on how teams are drawn for the CS:GO, as this tournament often ends up feeling good for some and bad for others! Rest assured it is something we are aware of and want to improve.

    Merch went well, so a big thanks to all who purchased a mug. We plan to have some new merch coming for either May or October as a result. I do still have a couple of mugs left over, so drop me a PM if you want to pick one up at a future event.

    The dates for both the Spring and Autumn LANs are below. You cannot book your hotel rooms yet, as per usual booking will open around 2 months before the LANs. Keep checking the discord and the forums in the new year to be sure you don't miss the info.


    7th-10th May 2020
    8th-11th Oct 2020
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