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    Is there any appetite for some ED play?

    So, since the LAN, it seems that I am quite enjoying ED again. Is anyone up for some regular play again?

    Warning, be on the look out for fake Tuna

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    I was on earlier but had to go do real life things, but will be on regularly.
    Cheers, Bert

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    You aren't on about erectile dysfunction?

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    Well the lan will do that to you!
    Warning, be on the look out for fake Tuna

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    Anyone who has played Elite should take a look at this unofficial trailer this dude made, it's just a lot of fun :-D

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    my brother can be found on most night on ED in private group ALBERTS , hes just got to the 1 billion credit mark only another 4 to go for the dmw fleet carrier. Sneakytiger#2501,steam: -=[dMw]=-Sneakytiger,valorant:Sneakytyger,Epic games:Sneakytiger

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