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    Unhappy ARK Install Disappeared

    Hi Guys, Went to try an play some Ark this morning but the install had disappeared. I Googled this issue and it said you can do the following:

    A) Begin the installation process to cause Steam to recognise existing files


    B) Add previously existing alternate installation libraries/folders to Steam

    However, with option A, I would have to install on a different drive to where it is due to hdd space (Mine is installed on H: drive) and I dont wont to wipe/reset anything

    and option B it is (and says) it's already added to the library.

    Any other ideas?

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    Fixed it! Had to free up space and let steam re-install it in which first they check the files already installed. 200GB needed though o0
    Bring on the randomness!
    Apparently I actually exist! Or maybe it was the drink?

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    didnt see this till now

    if it makes you fell better atlas (spawn of ark) is having white screen issues, you know the ones ark are having also.

    I patiently wait the same issue you had appearing on atlas

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