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    Soul Calibur tournament

    Good day all,
    As quite a few people seem to have Humble Bundle subs and have no doubt picked up Soul Calibur this month, along with those who already have it, I thought it would be fun to do a little tournament.

    If you are interested please put your name down here and I can see how many people are interested. It will probably run for a month or so to allow all the games to be played as not everyone can play everyday and I want it to be open to as many as possible.

    Initial thought on format was a league, with games being a best of 3 matches, which are best of 3 rounds. 3 points for a win, with wins / losses recorded in the table. In the event of a draw 1st and 2nd place can play each other.
    I am open to any ideas for format, I don't play fighting games at all so if there is a better way just let me know!

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    Hell yeah ! Count me in !

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    count me in
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    Yup me please

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    Sure, why not

    Thanks for organising
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    I'm in. It's been a while since i've played on the stage of history, looking forward to it!.
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    Yeah go on then

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    Why not, give me something new to try, not much of a fighting game player.

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