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    Return of Boomer!

    The guys (@Uni @BT @ServerWizard) have kindly set the server back up for some Monday shenanigans. Hopefully see a few on tomorrow!!!

    The new Server IP:

    I'm not sure the start time, it used to be quite early (7PM ish) I'm sure someone could update either here or discord.
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    So has anyone been playing? I didn't get chance the first couple of weeks but I tried briefly last week and again tonight and can't get a connection.

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    Excellent. a friend at work is wanting to start playing and it made me think of the fun I had on the dmw servers. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys on Monday if the server is up.

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    Hi, been a very long while, is CS still a thing here? Is the server alive? Do people still place?

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