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    Return of Boomer!

    The guys (@Uni @BT @ServerWizard) have kindly set the server back up for some Monday shenanigans. Hopefully see a few on tomorrow!!!

    The new Server IP:

    I'm not sure the start time, it used to be quite early (7PM ish) I'm sure someone could update either here or discord.
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    So has anyone been playing? I didn't get chance the first couple of weeks but I tried briefly last week and again tonight and can't get a connection.

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    Excellent. a friend at work is wanting to start playing and it made me think of the fun I had on the dmw servers. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys on Monday if the server is up.

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    Hi, been a very long while, is CS still a thing here? Is the server alive? Do people still place?

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    It seems to be very quiet. A pandemic has occured since the previous post.

    I used to enjoy playing CSGO on the dmw servers, and would certainly be up for it again.

    Perhaps a coordinated push at an agreed timeslot?

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    Hmm, I think based on the lack of replies to Twig's post above, CS may have fallen out of favour again. I'm not sure if anyone currently active in the community is actively playing it.

    That's not to say you won't have any success in organising a coordinated push, as you put it.. just to suggest not to hold your breath!
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    I do miss CS nights, more for the banter and the company really.

    I think people have other interests at the moment, with there being a lot of games currently being played. I think if a single night was organised we would get some on, if its a one off, but i dont think a weekly thing would last too long to be honest.

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    Agree with Sparko. I don't currently even have CS:GO installed. As a one of community special it is usually a well attended event but I also don't think it could support a regular slot. I may be wrong though?

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