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Thread: New World

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    tbh, I was leaning towards "d34d m3n w4|k1ng".

    You need to be in a faction (and at least lvl 10) before you can create a company. I would assume in this case, all companies will get wiped for release.

    Note: I was never going to create the company, it's above my pay grade

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    Jamoe nailed it.

    Time to rebrand the community.

    Out with the old, in with the 1337.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    I was hoping to join Baggins_tv twitch streamer, been chatting to him a fair bit and he streams New World a lot.. he's going to announce nearer the release time what server, but atm they have about 40-50 people joining them but companies can hold 100 so more than enough room for all.

    might be going Covenant on the Fae server at launch... just don't think DMW will be able to get enough people in game for us to much as a company.

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    what server are people playing the beta on? Sneakytiger#2501
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    I have bought the game. Not sure I will play much in beta. As progress gets wiped.
    but interesting on what to do with companies

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    Hi gang,

    I will likely be playing on Asgard with my WoW guildies, we have a group of 15 or so confirmed so far, you are all more than welcome to join. We've yet to confirm a faction yet but it is looking like Syndicate. I appreciate you guys will want a Dead Men Walking company so if we can all agree on a server, I can then try and persuade a few to sign up to forums and the likes.

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    I'd be very keen to see us all playing on the same server.

    Even better if we make some new friends along the way.

    I've seen Asgard and Fae mentioned as servers in the last few posts.

    So how do we choose one? Poll? Chime in please, those of you who will be playing!
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Honestly, no opinion on server. I'll follow the crowd.

    Is there a list of server names? Or is everyone assuming the beta names will be the same at release ?

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    I'm on Biringan but only because it was the recommended server for lowest latency when I started out, quite a few Polish folks on here so language is sometimes an issue.

    Asgard sounds nice, given Jewlez and his 15 buddies are already going there.

    How many possible people could you end up playing with on Fae @Gunda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldBloke View Post
    Branding is everything
    Ohhhhhh, I do love me a good branding!
    You have to heat the poker just so .....

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