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    This is a public forum and the desnity test is still bound by NDA so I can't say too much.

    What I can say is that the game is visually stunning. In terms of graphical fidelity for a MMO it looks better than anything else on the market, bar Star Citizen. The difference is that this is actually playable and the latter isn't (for me anyway). From a technicall perspective the frame rate variance was negligable on my AMD 3600 + Vega64 LC @ 1440p UW. Everything on "High" I was pulling around 50fps regardless of what was on screen - could be a brick wall, could be 30 players. That's quite impressive compared to other titles which suffer noticeable frame rate drop the more players there are. The only downside is that a 2021 game (launch pushed back a year) isn't maxing my cores - only 50% CPU usage.

    US East coast servers are the only ones up - they started with 7 servers now they have 12. On the main screen it says my ping is 150-300ms, in game it's like 120ms. This is very playable across the world and shows the power of Amazons servers. The game looks like it's designed to cope with new servers being spun up/down as needed.

    I've yet to see anything remotely endgamish and sadly it doesn't look like I'll be able to experience the PvP side which I was really looking forward to.
    What there is to do in the game is very highly polished. If I view this "Density test" as a MMO launch, it's the smoothest one I've ever seen. Am looking forward to the beta test end of August.

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    Brilliant Twyst! Thanks for that update, I worries me that they are still in NDA but thanks for giving the information that you have so far. Look forward to seeing more from you guys who are playing it

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    i tested it as well i'll tell u more once the NDA is lifted Sneakytiger#2501,steam: -=[dMw]=-Sneakytiger,valorant:Sneakytyger,Epic games:Sneakytiger

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    My Steam listing still says 'not yet available' for the confidential test.
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    the test ended on the 1st of August matey. It was only a short window due to being a stress test.

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    i spent 16 hours in the game, made it to lvl18.. i probably could have been a lot higher level but kept getting distracted and wandering off in to the environment.. all i can see due to NDA i guess.. but I am definitely looking forward to this one.

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