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    Exclamation Humble Bundle - Australian Bushfire Relief

    Most of you will have heard of the fires decimating region of Australia for the last few months. This is the worst year Australia has ever had in terms of fire damage to land, property, animal habitats, and animal life. The scale of the damage is just staggering. Just to try to illustrate some of the loss, over one billion animals will have perished as a result, and countless more will have had their homes destroyed. This leaves already endangered species now on the brink of extinction.

    I'm over in Australia right now, and despite being hundreds of miles away from the worst of it, we have been breathing the smoke in every day. What should be peak summertime with fresh air and clear blue skies has turned into day after day of this strange ghostly smog, and the stench of smoke. Seeing the impact it has had on the people here, many of them now my friends and family, has left us wanting to do what little we can to support those in the middle of it all.

    There have been some fantastic international efforts at raising funds for those affected, both human and animal, and just this morning I stumbled upon the newest Humble Bundle - of which 100% of sales go to Aussie charities in support of the fires. I purchased the bundle right away - there are a few interesting looking titles in there - and thought I had to post about it here just in case it was missed by any in dMw who would be keen and able to show some financial support. The more that know both of the scale of the disaster, and of the multitude of ways to support, the better.

    Cheers all, thanks for reading!
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Nice summary and a worthy cause. $50 donated for me and the wife. Bundle is $25 so even for the games it's a really amazing deal for 29 very good indie games.

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