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    Selling some watches

    I'm selling some watches so thought I'd post here prior to getting them off to London.

    Some of you know I collect watches so if you're in the market / looking for an investment drop me a PM. I plan to get committed prices from the dealers I use in London (David Duggan / Armour Winston for example) then I'll be able to benchmark.

    Don't want to go into much detail here but happy to chat on PM or Discord or whatever if you want more details.

    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    My buddy is into his watches, lemme know what you got & i'll see if he's interested.

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    Sure. I'll pull together a list.

    It's not a problem either way tbh so no hassle :-)

    I'd sell them for the same price that the dealers offer me in any case so it makes no difference to me but does mean the purchaser would be buying it at a better price. Rather friends made the profit.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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