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    Kingdom Come Deliverance Free (right now) on EPIC Store

    I cannot stress enough how fantastic this game is.

    Even if you are not into the first person RPG genre at all, pick up this game for FREE and give it a go.

    It is an immensely interesting story, historically accurate (you know, as much as it can be), educational, and thrilling campaign of 1408 Poland.

    I loved every second of it, I played the mainstory through twice, just to see alternate paths and solutions to problems.

    It boasts some fantastic tech for rendering a realistic looking and accurate portrayal of the world at the time, and if you're interested in modding, hosts a heap of mods that can shape some of the elements in the game exactly as you like.}

    Do not expect the witcher 3 beautiful sunsets and extremely saturated colour pallet here, this is like taking a walk through the woods in England to be quite honest, but this is exactly what made the game extra beautiful for me, that gritty realism.

    Please enjoy :-D

    It is free this week on the EPIC store.
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    Installing now, thanks for the info and write up.

    (Merged Rizzy's thread with this one)
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Free on the epic store -

    theres free dlc's to go with it too

    Aztez is free on there too -

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