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    Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem

    Thought I would put a little bit up about this game as seeing its only just came out of early access....

    Early impression are that it is a nice mix between PoE and Diablo 3 - taking the best parts out of each and combining them into this game.
    Till now I have about 4-5 hours of gameplay and only as a sorcerer (shock I know) - but the depth of how you can play your character really intrigues:
    Starting at you character select screen- picking either an Online (with online Co-op available) or offline character (both of which are locked to their respective game modes) - then its the usual -
    Male/Female - and basic "how your character looks" tools, and then the choice of three classes : Warrior, Mage, Archer.
    But these choices only really affect the first few missions and then the diverse PoE style "Gate of Fates" lets you develop your character in any way you choose - Battle Mage anyone?

    Don't get me wrong - it is still very early views - and there have been quite a few issues on release day (Online servers being down for 24-48 hours, servers coming back online and players progress wiped although their character level remained but there has been a fix for that seemingly),
    but overall the game plays very well (although I am aware Gunda has experienced gameplay issues on his laptop) but on desktop it runs smooth and visually looks amazing imo, for a small studio Wolcen has a lot of potential - Rhykker (a Youtube content creator/Streamer has followed this game for a while and this video review gives a good view on it)

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    been playing it as well, got to act 1 so far.

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    One quick thing is the game has no classes, at the start you pick your starting weapon and 1 skill/spell so if you pick mage you get a staff, warrior a melee weapon, and archer a bow..

    Also since the offline char is totaly offline the json file that holds all your details can be edited so you can try out any builds you want to work towards with your online char... not that i've been able to connect to the online mode yet!

    Messing about with different builds is fun, seems endless the combo's you can create.

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