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    Just been to the physio as I've been getting pain in my right arm and shoulder for a couple of months now, turns out I have bicep tendonitis and my rotator cuff is knackered.... anyone else experienced these before and how long does it take to get better?

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    It can take a long time. The rotator cuff is a unique and complex muscle group, and we use our shoulders almost constantly in day-to-day life. Good physio can make a world of difference, but don't expect this to sort itself out in a week or two - you're looking at months of work for slow progress, more likely.
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    I've got tendonitis in both my shoulders from work, had it a few years now, most the time it doesn't bother me much, when it gets bad I basically can't use an arm, I'm not sure mine will ever get better or at least not until I do something different for work/don't work.

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    I tore my rotator cuff last summer and couldn't move it (literally) for about 3 weeks. Gradually got it back on track after several bouts of physio and cortisone injections.
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    Mrs sulky had to have hers operated on, about 2 to 3 months recovery

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