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Thread: This week in D2

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    I followed the wikipedia dialogue to get an idea of the order to do things.
    Cheers, Bert

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    The original D2 campaigns have their ups but are not the best honestly. They do affect overarching story, and strikes you end up playing won't make sense without knowing what happens in them, though you could get that from a YouTube video to be fair.

    Forsaken is very solid but the story so far is pretty self contained. I think you have to buy the Forsaken expansion to get access to the story, dungeon and Raid. This content isn’t being sunset/mothballed come September and I’d assume it will probably go free, so might not be worth buying right now?

    Shadowkeep is the most recent expansion (until September rolls around) and is way more relevant to current events than the previous one. Doubt this one will be free when the next expansion rolls around, but might get cheaper.

    Unless you get well into it or don’t mind splashing some cash, I’d wait on buying Forsaken and Shadowkeep until September.

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    I have forsaken and shadowkeep, but never gotten around to playing them!
    I am correcting that now

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    Oh this episode of This Week in Destiny 2, Beyond Light (September big expansion) has been delayed until November 10th. More info here:

    They've said they are extending the current season and will hold some special events to make up for it.

    There's currently a setting on the old raids that stops the weekly reward lock out, so if people want to try the raids and get the funky weapons from there, between now and then is the time to do it, as amognst other things, a lot of the raids are being removed come November.

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    More details on the raids:

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    Anyone that plays Titan & doesn't have Lion Rampants, Xur's got them on sale, they really help doing any kind of jumping puzzles & stuff, very much worth getting.

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