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    LSPDFR - Police Mod

    Found a decent mod if you want to play as a cop on GTA (single player)

    It’s been around for ages but is constantly updated, you take the role of a cop and are alerted to calls from a police dispatch and you can choose to respond or not. You can also pull people over if you’ve seen them break traffic laws etc and can be as understanding or as aggressive as you wish.

    It’s called LAPDFR and the website is here

    I’ve had a quick go this evening and it’s great fun, got into some vehicle pursuits, caught some robbers and locked some baddies up.

    It was really easy to install but I’d recommend watching a tutorial on how to do it.

    There are other downloads you can install for additional scenarios of which I haven’t looked into yet (available from the same website) , just thought I’d share as it’s pretty good fun.

    Oh.... and it’s free (you need a copy of GTA V obviously)

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    So we could play cops and robbers?

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    I have a love/hate relationship with LSPDFR. Trying to play with the extent of the plugins, car skins, scripts etc varies hugely on seemingly just the time of day. Sometimes hours of file editing, re-installs and rummaging through help forums either let you play a working LSPDFR + Modded game or nothing at all. When it does work all together in perfect harmony it is amazing fun and really good for RP. GTA V is notoriously hard to mod I am aware. I may be asking too much, LCPDFR (the GTA IV Counterpart) was much easier to maintain - if you're looking for a comprehensive, accurate Police Simulator (Specifically British Police in my case!) you'll get it with LSPDFR but my lord it's a grind!! But the basic LSPDFR install is easy enough with YouTube to help as Sparko suggested

    I also wouldn't say the LSPDFR itself is constantly updated - version 0.3 and version 0.4 were well over 2 years apart! The devs of the extra plugins and car/ped models do a great job at bug fixing etc though.
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