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    Tis a shame but thanks for letting us know and for contacting to the hotel so we don't have to. Have the week off anyway so will see you all online hopefully in May, still plenty of fun to be had online.

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    Thanks for the clear and concise update dude!
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    Retro champ for another 6 months every cloud and all that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelz^ View Post
    Retro champ for another 6 months every cloud and all that

    NvG Deagle champ together with De_Blob still! Damn the guy is good.

    Anyway, I still need to send the award back, let me know where to.
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    Its a sad day that something as awesome as as the lan is canceled.
    The efforts to make this happen twice a Year for so many years should not be understated.
    It took a global pandemic to stop the train. It shows how committed people are to keep this gaming community rolling.
    When all this runs its course can we have the The most epic lan ever? I think we should
    Thanks for your efforts Chaos and Im looking forward to our first VR Lan

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    Its completly understandable and was a dream that it may have continued. I have plenty of fine beer's from beer52 and still look forward to hanging out with you all albeit virtually.

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    This wasn't entirely unexpected, but hopefully all that pent up partying mood will carry over to the October LAN if the world still stands by then.
    If the UK border force lets filthy foreigners through after both Brexit and SARS-CoV-2 I'll be there to help you guys make it one of the more memorable ones
    Coppula Eam, Se Non Posit Acceptera Jocularum!

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    Yep let us hope the next LAN goes full steam ahead as planned. For now, planning has moved towards taking the May LAN online.

    Closing this thread now. Thanks to all who signed up, messaged me to say they would have signed up if it went ahead or just to let me know they couldn't attend, and of course to you all for your understanding with the cancellation.

    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    So is the LAN back on then.
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    Ahem, this thread was closed a long time ago.

    As for the October LAN, we hope it can go ahead and will be monitoring the situation closely. If it can go ahead, it will. We will of course update the community closer to the time. Booking usually opens 2 months prior to the weekend, which would be August.

    So, hold those horses ey .
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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