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    Happy birthday, guys

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    Survivor of LAN V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIV, XVI, XVIII, XX, XXIV, XXX, XXXII, XXXIV and XXXVI so far...
    Lionheart; Grolsch to DuVeL is like spinache to Popeye
    Cheesepuff...A cyborg is sent from the future on a deadly mission. He has to kill Ninja_Freak, a young Man whose life will have a great significance in years to come.Ninja has only one protector - DuVeL - also sent from the future. The Terminator uses his exceptional intelligence and strength to find Ninja_Freak & attempt to terminate him.

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    Happy birthday chaps.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    Happy Birthday gents!
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Happy Birthday fellas have a good one

    Sent from the darkest recesses of a fractured mind, using the power of blood magic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilodon View Post
    Happy Birthday fellas have a good one

    Wot he said. Hope you had a good one.
    Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. (Tom Wilson)
    Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. (Michael Jordan)

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    happy birthday chaps

    I came into this world with nothing,
    through careful management I've got most of it left.

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    happy birthday chaps
    Remember when I promised to kill you last?…I lied!(arnie-commando)

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