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    Question Decent water pistol (or similar) for discouraging pigeons...

    Got a growing number of annoying pigeons near my place and looking for ways to persuade them to seek other places to sit. Had some joy with a garden-plant-spray-bottle-thing but it's effective range is a bit poor before the jet of water sort of fizzles out. I live in built up inner city so range needs to be limited: maybe effective and reasonably accurate to 5-10 metres. Enough to scare the birds off but not so much water that when it falls to earth 3 stories below it soaks pedestrians ...too noticeably

    I remember having basic water pistols as a kid, though I don't recall noticing their range as often it was point blank ...was wondering if those pump-action (super-soaker?) ones are significantly better or if anyone has any experience of good/bad ones?

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    You could try this but upgrade the gun.

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    Or get yourself a female Sparrowhawk, Pidgeon fanciers will hate you.

    I think to get decent range on a water pistol you want the pumpstyle ones rather then the simple trigger ones.

    Apparently this one is 15m

    and this comment killed me

    My 5 year old fired it at my 2 year old and knocked him over.

    Absolute beast.

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    Or get a kite on a pole. Just let it flap around the edge of the garden and make sure the kite has a Falcon or something predatory on it.
    Cheers, Bert

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    Quote Originally Posted by albert View Post
    Or get a kite on a pole. Just let it flap around the edge of the garden and make sure the kite has a Falcon or something predatory on it.
    Jimmy saville?

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    Did Saville hurt pidgeons as well?
    Cheers, Bert

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