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    Overhaul of dMw Structure

    Overhaul of dMw Structure

    For the last year or so it’s become increasingly obvious that we need to tweak how we operate and that an overhaul is needed.

    This started with the removal of Game Leaders in the traditional sense and moving to community administrators.


    This, in turn, has made us looks at the badge system and we’re really not sure how relevant it is or, indeed, how popular.

    So, over to you……. This link: will take you a small form to let you decide whether we keep the badges or remove them totally.

    If the decision is to keep the badges then we would pare them back to a core set. For example, game-specific badges were originally designed so that the Game Leader could issue them to players which have achieved the dMw standard for that game. This is no longer the case and we move games so quickly that we’d probably remove the game badge and keep the community-based ones.

    Member Standards

    As Bob Dylan once sang “The Times They Are A-Changin'” . In recognition of that we’ve decided that we need to update our member standards. This includes:

    Removing the no-swearing rule. The reasons behind it are less relevant now. However we still ask that you keep it civil. We game together by mutual-consent and mutual-acceptance. Please keep it civil. If someone is excessively F’ing and Blinding then we would expect their fellow gamers to tell them to reign it in a little. Please just use your common sense on this. This applies to both our own server and when playing in the public arena. We still want and need to attract new members so be mindful of that fact when you decide to go into a rant.

    Homophobic or racist language is unacceptable. Period. If you feel this isn’t right then dMw isn’t right for you.

    We’re still looking to retain our ethos of maturity, teamwork, fair-play and fun. This is why most of the members are here and they are our core principles.

    Council Structure

    We’ve also decided to update our council structure and split off the running of dMw into the ‘front of house’ and ‘back office’.

    Essentially this means:

    BrotherTobious is stepping up to become a head admin (congrats).

    Chaosphere stepping up to take charge of the ‘front of house’ of dMw. This means Chaos is the primary co-ordinator for the membership, the LAN admins and the Community Admins. He will be supported by the rest of the Council of course as needed but is the day-to-day face of the Council.

    Whitey and Smilodon take charge of the back office responsibilities of dMw with Whitey being supported by Oldie. This includes the forum, servers and other behind the scenes work.

    The following structure tree explains:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Modernisation and change keep things fresh. I like the approach, and congrats Tob and Chaos! Thanks for continuing to keep us all supported and gaming in dMw.

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    Does this mean CounterStrike nights on Boomer are coming back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Twig View Post
    Does this mean CounterStrike nights on Boomer are coming back?
    I think that game is called Valorant now mate?

    /me awaits the deserved beating.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Looks good!

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    Great news and I've submitted the form, can I submit another 10?
    Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.

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    Gratz Chaos and Toby!
    "Forewarned is forearmed"

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