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    Question The obvious question......

    Can we book our rooms yet?

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    I want to get my order in for my bio zorb

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    Well looking at Bournemouth yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if we're back in lockdown by October! Covid is one of those things where even if the general public have seemingly stopped believing in it, it hasn't stopped believing in them. I'm just hoping the second peak isn't as bad as the first.

    To actually answer the question, we will aim to start the ball rolling in August, if all looks well and good.

    If booking is going to open, there will be prior warning do no one has any excuse for missing out! Keep your eyes on discord and the forums.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    I have my flight booked, just because the Spring LAN Easyjet booking had to move somewhere and October seemed the logical choice. Make sure your idiotic population behave for a few month months please!
    Cheers, Bert

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