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    Free or Cheap CAD Software for home hobby use

    Evening all

    So I have used an ancient version of SketchUp on my old macbook for years, but back on Windows now, and it turns out that the free desktop version stopped at 2017 at is somehow clunkier than the ancient version I used to have - has anyone come across anything decent? Probably can't justify paying more that £50 or £60 if there's money involved but would be keen to hear any recommendations from the hive mind?

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    I managed to get sketchup installed again (took a while to find the download-and-install-locally-free option...) a few months ago, seemed similar to before to me. Their latest version of the free one appears to want you to go online?

    A very long time ago I actually used the halflife level creation software to make scale models of a room we were having redone and printed out screenshots from the editor for explaining to the joiner etc ...worked surprisingly well!

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