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    Perhaps a forum admin can rename this topic to something like "Controller and Joystick Discussion" as there seem to be a 100 other topics with similar themes with only a few replies so no point in starting a new one.

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    My immediate experience of a premium joystick is the weight, both of the components but also the movement weight/ resistance.

    I bought the Mongoost Bases with Constellation Grips, small desk mounts.

    32 buttons per stick, with double resistance buttons with double functions.

    The Virpil range isn’t cheap, in fact it’s enthusiast level of investment and if buying to play one game you have to be serious about that game. I play a good half dozen flight games, and place quality, reliability and most importantly comfort when playing above all else.

    The Virpil set with their official desk mounts are easy the most stable sticks I’ve used. They clamp onto the desk with a screw adjust lever. The cables and the grips have locks/ screw connectors and the whole set is held together with allen key bolts.

    There are replacement springs and resistance calipers to suit the feel required.

    The grip attachments to the bases have additional locking screws over and above the main screws. The twist axis can be locked if you don’t like twist action.

    Software is powerful, how to use it isn’t well documented but I managed to set it up in a short time, upgrading firmware one device attached at a time.

    Each device has its own profile. Separately configured and tuned.

    The config software is not needed to run the units in games as an EEPROM config is sent to them once setup.

    I’m slowly getting used to the resistance, being like the first time you use a G27 wheel, like wrestling an alligator. But I’m tuning the sensitivity so movement is achieved by small actions.

    One LED...
    Cheers, Bert

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    If anyone is looking for a simple joystick that just works, even 2 of these won't break most budgets. The only downside is the very limited number of keys but since they are small and not too cumbersome, I expect having your keyboard nearby would be possible.

    Also if playing aflying game that also needs FPS readiness, no large messy sticks to work around:

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    ZOMG that looks like a 1980s C64/Amiga clone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeaLeaf View Post
    ZOMG that looks like a 1980s C64/Amiga clone!
    Indeed, exactly right. For a specific use case.

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