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    Great write up mate, love it keep them coming!!

    "It's hard, but not as hard as Arma!!!" Tutonic
    "This game is horribly broken" Oldbloke
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    Thoroughly enjoyed reading that, Deetzy

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    I'd have loved to be able to go back and fix the broken sentences, corrected the multiple spelling mistake and grammar etc.
    I should really have stuck though a word processor before posting. It could have waited a day, instead of posting knackered at 1am.

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    Thumbs up

    Don't worry, it's grand!

    Very nice report...and a podium

    Glad to hear you had a break through with the TC and how it was affecting your pace!

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    For those interested. Video of the top split races.

    Reound 1 Zolder:

    Reound 2 Misano:

    The top guys are simply Aliens.

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    Great write up Deetz and the videos are 'alien', agreed! Makes me regret not being able to find my wheel and pedals (a garage can swallow and hide an amazong amount of stuff).
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    Interlude. -------Insert soothing music here------

    In complete contrast to the usual mad, extreme stress Sprint Cup races. Yesterday I indulged in a 1 hour GT4 race at Bathurst entitled: “GT4 Madness”

    Thankfully it wasn’t ‘Madness’ in reality.

    I hadn’t entered, but on the day of the race, my brother who had entered, let me know that a number of places had become available. So when I got home from work, I checked to see if there were any places still remaining, and there were. A single driver slot was available in splits 2, 3 and 4. After checking with my brother to see which split he was in, I nabbed the last slot in split 2.

    No practice, I just turned up at server session start. (though I had previously driven stints at Bathurst (love it) in the Mercedes AMG GT4, which is my GT4 weapon of choice.

    A 15 min practice session, a 15 minute qualifying session, then the 1 hour race. Starting in the early morning dawn, where it was still fairly dark. (6am if I remember correctly.)
    In the cold (for Bathurst) 19 degrees or so temps, it takes 3 - 4 laps to get the tyres fully up to temp, So practice was about finding the correct tyre pressures to use for the race.

    Qualifying went well, a 2:13.0 lap. (Matching my PB) I could have gone quicker, I was on a better lap up about 0.25 - 0.3 when I caught a slower car ahead. I didn’t want to jeopardise his hot-lap, so I had to be happy with the lap I’d already done.
    You’ve got to be happy with 5th place. (Of 35) The pole sitter did a 2:11. 9 or so, I wasn’t going to be matching that any time soon. Though it looks like the Merc is particularly quick round Mt. Panorama, as there were a number of them at the top of the field.
    My brothers weapon of choice is the BMW, with which he qualified 13th.

    The race, ahhh the race. So many great comparisons to the old LFS 1 hour races of old. Tyre grip / wear variations, car balance changes, it was really good fun.

    I made a fair start, holding position, out dragging a Ginetta on the run up Mountain straight, then some conservative running holding my 5th place, gradually heating those tyres up. Then on lap 3 I made a mistake as I started to push. On the approach to the dipper the back end let go, and I crunched into the wall, left side, then right, collecting some damage and letting the Ginetta through. I was then under pressure on the run down Conrod straight, so I kept to the left protecting the line into the chase, but out braked myself, doh. A trip through the booneys ensued, and another 4 places lost. Damn it.

    Ok, head down, wait for the tyres to normalise, get back to consistent running.
    I cought and started applying pressure to an Audi ahead, which forced him into a mistake, and he run’s wide. That’s 9th place.

    Next to catch is another Merc, which is running well. But I’m catching as he is being slightly held up by a BMW. So I'm on his tail and applying pressure, He makes a mistake on the exit of turn one, and I’m through to 8th great. I’m now on that BMW ahead, but am not quite quick enough to challenge for position. Then the Merc behind gets a good exit from the final turn, and makes a dive on the inside into turn1. I have to leave room, and he’s back in front again.

    Gaa, back to the drawing board.

    Then as we battle, a another, different Merc ahead slams into the wall in the outside of the cutting. The BMW ahead sneaks by, then both me and the guy I’m battling both get through later in the lap, And that’s 8th

    I then spent the next few laps, trying to re-pass, with the odd half chance here and there, I’m applying lots of pressure. Everyone is well into their rhythms now.
    Then the Merc ahead again makes a mistake running wide on at turn 1 and I’m back in front again. 7th.

    The tyre grip is degrading and I pull away a little over the next few laps, with the car balance changing as well. Slightly earlier braking required pretty much everywhere. Again the race settles for a while. I’m slowly gapping the car behind, and am holding station with a Ginetta ahead.

    My brother tells me that his BMW balance is now excellent with the car in a purple patch, loosing it’s mild push and becoming more neutral.

    A few more laps, and the Ginetta is quite obviously in tyre trouble, his consistency is gone, and I quickly catch and pass.
    That’s 6th place, I’ve nearly made up for my early mistakes. Then (another) Merc ahead pits, Yes…. Back to my starting position 5th.

    This is where my progress ends. I hold station in 5th for the remaining 12 laps to the finish. The Ginetta behind holding station, then loosing another position, nearly falling into my brothers cluches.

    What a fantastic race. It’s great to run in a pack of cars dicing for position, the track / car throwing in grip and balance changes for good measure.

    My brother finished in 8th. The car balance shifting again, getting more taily as the race went on, but nothing too excessive.

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    Apologies for anyone actually trying to follow my escapades. I was so al-mightily ****ed off after round 3, that I lost the incentive to post.
    Anyway, the series has now ended, and I thought I’d better finish up for any glutton’s for punishment trying to follow along.

    The Sim Grid Pro Sprint Cup - Round 3 - Races 5 & 6 Hungaroring

    Round 3 ended up...”It could have been worse = ACC League Racing - Life's up's and down's” very very much DOWN.

    Practice had been, slowly eating away at the lap times, so that I was reasonably consistently getting 1:44.2 lap times, with a best of 1:43.9. These lap times probably were not quick enough to be properly competitive, but not too far off.

    Race 5 Qualifying. Outlap and half way into my first hot lap, and my ‘wireless’ headset switches off, and wont power back on. (Panic) I swap to my wired headphones, and back into the car, half the 15 min session over, go out, do an and realise 1/3 way into first hotlap that I’m on the safe default (rubbish) with 60 litres of fuel, Gaa. Back to pits, load the correct set, out again, and get a 1:44.5, and get over the line with the time for one more, but a small mistake, and I’m not going to improve, so I’ll have to live with 16th place.

    Could have been better, it’s so tight in the pack, that a small improvement would mean a number of position forward, but for the circumstances it’s ok. Into the race. Starting Position 15th, someone ahead must have dropped out.

    After lap one’s dicing for position I end up a position down, and run in 16th for a number of laps, bottled up behind a couple of cars that I’m (slightly) quicker than, but can’t get passed. That turns in 15th as an Audi hit’s tyre troubles and starts haemorrhaging positions. The race has settled down, two cars ahead clash, and that’s 13th and although I’m still a little quicker and gaining on the car ahead, 13th is likely where I’ll finish…...until, with about 6:30 remaining, when my race engineer pipes up with something along the lines of “your running out of fuel and will need to make stop” WHAT!! Sure enough I check and find I’ve under a lap of fuel remaining, with about 3 or 4 laps left to run. OMG how did I get the fuel calc so wrong.
    (After the race I check my fuel calc spreadsheet, and find that the race time is set to 22 minutes instead of 30 minutes...Doh. Obviously missed this in my earlier panic.)

    I dive straight into the Pits, fiddling to get the correct stop type selected…...FAIL, the tyres get replaced (didn’t need them) but no fuel. DAMN. I crawl round another lap, at half throttle and make it back round. I’ve selected a stop which will put in 12 Litres of fuel, phew……….. hold on, that’s the stop finished and NO FUEL. AARRGGHHH pit glitch.


    Qualifying for race 6, starts well, a PB 1:43.8 and 7th position, after the 1st runs, and I make the decision to sit the second half. Bad decision, as I end up 15th. The track was obviously fast, and has gripped up as the session went on.

    Race start ok, defend my position from a Lexus on the run to turn 1, braking quite deep, turns out to be perfect, and I'm tight in behind an Audi, when boink, I get hit from behind. This pushes me into the Audi, that's ok, we all survive, but it pushes me wide, and means I can’t avoid a Ferrari broadside across the track ahead. Crunch, and that’s me last.

    I squeeze past another Audi which had also been mixed up in turn one shenanigans. Only to find at the next right hander, that the car is pretty damaged, and doesn’t want to turn right. In last place I trundle round at the back until the end. Though I’m surprised to be catching up to a pack of backmarkers near the end. At the finish I find that I actually finished 16th. (I’d been 21st lap one.) So others must have also hit trouble.

    Still overall the round has pretty much been a disaster.

    I slope off to cry into a beer or two.
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    Round 4 Brands Hatch, Races 7 & 8 (in the Wet.)

    Brands is a track I know pretty well. So I hoped but didn’t expect to do better than in previous rounds.

    Practice had gone reasonably, when, with two days to go by brother tells me that it’s going to be two wet races. I’d been practising in the dry. So it’s back to the drawing board. Still after some practice, my pace seems decent. Well, against my brothers times anyway.

    Race day.
    Qualifying for race 7, and I manage a decent 1:29.5 and 7th place. Cant grumble at that.
    I’ve set myself to be slightly conservative in the race. Being a touch cautious will be better than going off potentially loosing multiple position, and loosing 0.1/0.2 here and there is better than 0.6/0.7 running wide, presuming I don’t actually fall off.

    My brother qualified 5th, so he’s right in front of me on the grid. (LOL, ok, no mad braking into turn 1.)

    Race start is fine, a lot of jockeying for position, but I hold station, but I’ve a Ferrari right up my chuff, very aggressively trying to get past, but I’m holding position. My brother made a place lap 1, but looses it again on lap 2, and now he’s directly ahead. I ease up behind, lapping a little quicker. (He’s trying to conserve tyres after a practice race showed his tyres go off after 20 minutes. (loosing up to 3 sec a lap.!!)

    Lap 3 and my brother goes wide out of T3 (Graham Hill Bend)and has to be gentle on the throttle, both me and the Ferrari slip by. I spend the next few laps fending off the Ferrari behind. Lap 7, and it’s my turn to run a little wide on the exit of turn 3, and the Ferrari is up alongside and I have to give room on the inside of T4 (Surtees), he gets a bit out of shape on the brakes and gives me a little nudge, loosing momentum, so I get clear and retain the position. His loss of momentum allows my brother alongside and he tries to go round the outside on the following right hander (Hawthorns) at the end of the straight, but ends up having to concede on the corner exit. Still, it’s taken the pressure off, and means I can run the right lines to pick my pace up a little, opening the gap up to 1.5 then 2 seconds.
    Lap 10 and the Lamborghini ahead makes a mistake and I’m up to 5th. :-)

    The next lap my brother tells me the Ferrari has spun, one less to worry about, and he’s up to 7th.

    I’m slowly pulling away from the Lamborghini behind, and run cleanly to the end, finishing 5th. It’s almost 4th place, as a Bentley ahead spins on the last lap, but I’m not quite close enough to capitalise, finishing right on his bumper.

    Excellent race, I’m very happy with 5th.
    My brother does have some late tyre troubles, and ends up finishing 9th.

    Qualifying Race 8.
    Another respectable lap, another 1:29.5 and this time it’s 8th place…. Until two buggers, (one of them my brother) get good laps late on, so I end up in 10th place.
    My brother managed a 1:29.3 and 6th place.

    Race 8
    Down to turn 1 I manage to get to the inside and am holding a tight line when there is a spinning car ahead. Thankfully although I hit it, it’s a gently hit which only sightly damages the car, and I get through without loosing multiple positions. So at the end of lap 1 I’m in 8th, with my brother behind me. (he’d been tagged in T1) and there’s a bunch of 4 cars ahead all squabbling for position, headed by the Ferrari from the last race. As they settle down the group starts pulling away at about 0.3 sec a lap, but I’m no too bothered, I’ve mostly learned how to drive with the slight damage, and don’t want to risk trying to drive quicker. Behind me my brother lost a place to an Audi who he’s quicker than, (and who’s pace has been very erratic, lots of spins in qually etc.) and he’s annoyed. The gap behind is now 10 second gap, with no one closing in.
    The race now settles for a bit, a Lexus from ahead pit’s, so that’s 7th place. Lap 10, and that Ferrari is now ahead, and I start closing in. My pace hasn’t changed, but those ahead have lost some pace I become last in a train of 4 cars.

    Lap 15 and the Ferrari spins at turn 3, that’s 6th place. Now I’m slowly dropping of the back of the cars ahead, but the gap behind is 11 seconds and growing, so I just concentrate on maintaining a reasonable pace, and that’s where I finish.

    My brother hasn’t had such a good time, mistakes spins, dropping back, fighting his way back up through the grid, getting hit 2 or 3 times loosing position again etc. A lot of those he’s racing end up with penalty. With pushing his tyres do go off, a spin on last lap increases his misery, and he finishes 14th.

    Can’t bust my bubble though, a 5th and a 6th, I’m well happy.
    What a difference from the previous round.
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    Round 5Zanvoort Races 9 & 10.

    Well, practice was different to usual, where my brother sets a lap time. I’m about a second off, and have to struggle to get within 0.3 of. This time it’s me ahead, and him struggling to catch up. I’m managing 1:35.1 best and regular 1:35.2 or .3 and he’s doing 1:36.1 laps.
    Finally the day before the race, he’s matching my times. (Boo) The Aliens are of course in the low 1:34’s.

    Race 9 qualifying
    A good first stint sees me in fourth with a 1:35.7but I’m sure there is more to come. Second stint, and I go 2nd with a 1:35.301, a smidge behind pole on a 1:35.289, it’s so close, the top 5 are all 1:35.3 laps, and the top 7 below 1:35.5 My brother has managed a 1:35.367 in 4th.

    Race 9
    I make a good start, a little cautious into turn 1, the Ferrari on pole runs deep, and we run side by side into the following chicane where he sneaks back ahead, the Ferrari ahead is then very cautious into the braking zones on the remainder of the lap, and this catches me out braking for the final chicane, he brakes very early, and I over brake and take evasive action to avoid hitting him, and run wide into the chicane, over the kerbs, this allows a Merc to slip past, and I’m down to third, bugger, head down. I’m still cursing at myself I make another mistake on the next lap, hitting an inside kerb pushing me wide onto the grass on the outside of an infield right hander. Another two cars slip by. Damn, damn, calm down..

    The car ahead is brother in his bright Yellow Porsche, and behind is a Lexus.
    Basically I run behind my brother for the rest of the race, never more than a second behind, and usually somewhere between 0.3 and 0.6 behind. I have a couple of half attempts to pass into turn 1 on the brakes, but am never given a proper opportunity to get past. We half drop the Lexus behind, 1.5 to 2 seconds, but when the leading Ferrari starts making mistakes, drops to third ahead of my brother, and starts holding us up. The Lexus closes in again, making the odd half attempt to get past me, but I only really feel pressured on the last lap, where the Ferrari has made another mistake and backed us all up again, and the Lexus gives his all trying to get by. He doesn’t manage it and we all hold station to the flag.

    Still, I’m happy, A) being properly competitive, and B) finishing 5th.

    Race 10 Qualifying

    The Track is warmer and faster than for the 1st race, and after my first stint I’m in third with a 1:35.1, pole is currently a 1:34.9
    Second stint, and near the end I put in a PB, a 1:34.926 just grabbing the lead (2nd is a 1:34.932) and am praying no one improves, when I hear my brother yelp with joy...bugger, he’s done a 1:34.836 for pole. Still no one else improves, and it’s the brothers on the front row.

    Race 10
    The lights go green, my brother looks to be slightly out of position, alongside rather than ahead on the run down to turn 1. Conscious of not out braking myself into the gravel trap at turn 1 I’m a little early on the brakes, but come out of them a little as I head into the turn, it looks like I could be slightly ahead, I’m just trying to make a clean run round the outside and perhaps grab the lead into the following chicane, when bang, I’m hit on the side and round I go, facing backwards in the gravel on the outside of turn 1.
    My brothers cursing up a storm, ranting about the Lamborghini behind dive bombing him into turn 1, using his car as brake etc. I’m last and fuming.
    Driving angry, I gain two places in the first lap as others trip over themselves.
    Then having to take avoiding action as cars in front swerve about jockeying for position, and I’m in the grass again, and loose the positions I’d gained to be last again.
    The next lap the car ahead thumps the Aston ahead of him, and the two are off track, and I’m past. I close up behind another Aston over the remainder of the lap, and start putting lots of pressure on him, trying to force an error, so I can pass.
    I succeed, and he’s off into the grass on the first chicane exit, but although I run high and wide into the following hairpin as he carriers out of control back onto the track, he collects me, smashing me into the barrier, and spinning me round.
    I recover and head off, only for an almighty crunch as my suspension collapses or something, and I’m spat into the barrier again, from where I retire.

    Still muttering to myself, I start perusing the replay to see what happened. It’s only a few minutes later when I think, ‘I should have tried to crawl back to the pit’s, points for finishing rather than a DNF, those points could have been important’.
    Well, it’s too late now.

    As the final standing are totted up, I’ve finished 10thoverall in split two, and my brother is 4th.
    If (and it is a big if) I’d managed to get the car back to the pits and finished last, the extra points would have made me 5th.

    Still, what ifs and buts don’t count, so 10th it is.

    So ends my Sim Grid Sprint Race Pro event. It’s been… interesting challenge, I can’t say it’s really been fun, though it had it’s moments… Plenty of up’s and down’s.

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