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    Exclamation The October LAN

    Hi all,

    Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to cancel the October LAN.

    The decision was not made lightly, and ultimately comes down to the potential health and safety of our members and their families. We feel that a LAN in 2020 simply poses too much risk and we aren't willing to chance it.

    Furthermore, we don't want to run half a LAN. We want to be sure the next time we all get together in the OC, it's an epic weekend for all. We don't feel we can do this safely right now due to both the necessary precautions and general atmosphere.

    We don't know exactly when we will be back, but hope we are looking at the first half of 2021. We will all just have to see what the next few months bring. I can guarantee that when we are back, we will do everything possible to make the next LAN an absolute belter.

    In brighter news, in place of the LAN we are already planning another WAN. This is scheduled to take place over the weekend of the 4th to the 6th of September. More details will follow closer to the time, but expect lots of big gaming events and social nonsense organised over the weekend.

    Stay tuned and stay safe,
    Chaos on behalf of Council & the Admin teams.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Disappointing but understandable..

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    Considering everything that's going on I feel this makes the most sense. Thanks for all the hard work anyway guys!

    That said, we'll just have to make up for it in 2021
    "Forewarned is forearmed"

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    Fully understandable. The last WAN was pretty decent fun. Looking forward to a good turnout to this one as well!! Hoping for some Chivalry shenanigans! Would be quite amusing to revisit that game

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    Surely it should be held in Spain? The 14 day isolation period would allow everyone to get over their hangovers

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    It's the best course of action, we are nothing without our health.
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    Makes sense. I have return flights that were moved from the May LAN so hopefully I can use them to visit friends. It would be a shame to be eyeballs deep in lockdown again and have to move the flights further into 2021.
    Cheers, Bert

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