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    Thumbs up Some followers for my son's YouTube channel?

    Hi all!

    I hope this doesn't violate any forum guidelines, but if so, just delete the thread or move it to somewhere more suitable...

    So my son has started his own YouTube gaming channel. He plays mainly Fortnite (yuck!) but will try a few other games as well. The tone is casual and funny and there is no profit made from the videos (need 1000+ subscribers for that! ).
    I'm helping out with the editing and am learning as we go along as well so it's a win-win...

    In short: He would be very happy if he could get some more subscribers or even just a few likes on his videos, so please drop by: and give a sub if possible.

    The latest video can be found directly here:


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    I subscribed for him. If I see a single other Fortnite video pop up in my feed I am holding you personally responsible.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    subbed I'd get my kids to watch but I've managed to get them to hate Fortnite

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    Haha thanks guys! I'm not a fan of that game personally either... Tried a couple of games together with my son and my aim is there but after a hit or two *PLOP* there's a wall in front of the enemy and I'm shooting into that instead. I hate it! So annoying!

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    Oh, I've played a bit with my youngest and quite enjoy it for a bit of a laugh. I do tend to let the side down and have to be rescued rather a lot though.

    Both of us subscribed.

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