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    3.10 Progress and Patch Notes

    3.10.1 is in PTU: (

    Important info about the Banu Defender is that the Tachyon weapon that that ship was so OP it could take down a Carrack in a few shots as that type of weapon does both shield and physical damage and was badly tuned. So less chance now of losing a ship to that OP weapon.


    Feature Updates:

    • AI - Added updated bartenders and patrons to Rest Stop bars.


    • Ship targeting UI updates

    (Added closure rate for ships that are targeted. Added reticle and pip animation indicating fire solution. Removed outline effects from targeted ship.)
    Ships and Vehicles

    • Reverted Banu Defender back to normal default setup.
    • Added manual interaction to the Internal doors in the Avenger series to help with players logging back in not being able to get through the doors.

    Weapons and Items

    • Temporarily converted Tachyon weapons into normal energy cannons.

    Bug Fixes

    • Locations and portions of locations should no longer stream in slowly or fail to stream in at all.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Greycat ROC to not pick up every mined gem with the tractor beam.
    • Greycat ROC storage should now show the correct amount of minerals collected to the nearest decimal point.
    • Mineable resources should no longer shift or move when hit with a vehicle.
    • Changing Undersuits with Legs Armor Equipped will no longer make a Players Equipped Side Arm or Utility Items appear between their feet.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing ships that flew into the autopilot / kill zone to be flown back to the spaceport before exploding.
    • Area18 landing splines should no longer destroy the player's ship on occasion.
    • Fixed an issue causing multiple drop-off delivery missions to not have all 3 drop-off locations.
    • Outpost building at Shubin Mining Facility SMO-13 should no longer be placed too high above ground which was preventing players from entering.
    • Weapons will no longer float near the players back, if they unequip either the Pembroke or Novikov suit and then equip any torso armor.
    • The external elevator screens at the New Babbage Spaceport Metro Loop should no longer be misaligned.
    • Fixed an issue causing Bartenders to get stuck trying to pick up dirty drinks.
    • Upper and lower turret seats in the Caterpillar should now have collision.
    • Camera should no longer slowly pan through the ship interior at the end of an Arena Commander match.
    • Equipping any attachment to a weapon using the inner thought should no longer cause the attachment to sit in the players hand.
    • The 890 jump medical bed "Set preffered ICU" prompt should now be visible without having to lay down in the bed.
    • Player and Ship Art will no longer become offset from the Ship when a player exits the Ship after Exiting Pilot Seat during QT.
    • Fixed multipled reversed decals on the Hornet series.
    • Landing wrench icon should no longer display on a landing pad when spawning a ship.
    • The Open and Close Interaction Mode Prompts on the Rear Interior Door of the cutlass Red and Blue should no longer appear reversed.


    • Fixed 5 Client crashes
    • Fixed 5 Server crashes
    Cheers, Bert

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    Looks promising, did anyone get chance to mess around in the Banu Defender before it got the well deserved nerf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamoe View Post
    Looks promising, did anyone get chance to mess around in the Banu Defender before it got the well deserved nerf?
    Nah unfortunately, I never snapped it up before it was removed from 3.9.1. Perhaps I'll aim for one in 3.10. The Tachyon guns will be nerfed because they were basically ignoring shields and just ripping hulls apart.

    Some nice additions to the list to buy are available, if we work as a team we can make 3-4mill every few hours and buy plenty ships. Alone 3-4 mill will take a day if you have the money to buy goods and a Caterpillar to ship it in. Even then with the nerf to trade goods availability and the lowering of profit it will be tough alone regardless.
    Cheers, Bert

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