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    With the launch of Siptah, it would be good to know where people are at with the game.

    I know some are keen to play Exiled Lands to and I'm also aware there's mumblings to play the new map.

    Personally I'd like to spin up two servers so everyone is happy albeit knowing this will split our already small player base. However, if members are willing to swap over maps to help out during purges or for specific quests then I don't really think it's an issue.

    Please note that the update has caused issues with the existing game and the mods we employ. We may have to remove some of them to get it working. Emberlight is the biggest one as that's the small vaults and we can't lose those.

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    Emberlight has been updated but that's not the small vaults. Enhanced Structures provides those and the new fishing stuff but has not been updated for the patch. The Dev is working on a fix and hopes to have it available this evening.

    When I get time I'm happy to look at setting up a separate server.

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    yeah i'd love to see a Siptah map server up and running if we could have both?

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    Would love to have a server for Siptah. I am in no rush for one so if people are happy to or want to wait then that’s fine. I don’t mind waiting for some bug fixes if there are any. My only question would be do we start that fresh and new with no mods or do we add the mods that make the game a bit nicer ? The quality of life mods.

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    I think the qual of life mods would be nice, like the UI changes, but not the ones that colour or make the things like bark easier to get or vaults smaller, those to me feel a little cheaty

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    New server with Siptah is up and running port 7779
    has Hosav's UI, Fashionist and Emberlight running

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    Cheers whitey, hows the old server looking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sulky_uk View Post
    Cheers whitey, hows the old server looking?

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    Server is down for me, can someone give it a kick

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    Kicked and now running.

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